Orchards on balconies, terraces, and patios need containers or pots. Almost all vegetables can be grown in these containers. Each plant has a requirement of space to build, the size of the pan, or the area between plants, will depend on each one. The more space the plant has to develop, the higher the production obtained.

For example, it is advisable to use a pot of at least 20 cm to grow lettuce and 40 cm for tomatoes. It is essential to know the space, water and light requirements to combine plants in the same pot.

How to care for and maintain the garden

The orchard does not demand much work, especially in the autumn/winter season. Daily watering is not necessary. In general, all plants are simple to grow. Some require more care or specialized treatments such as peas that have to be tutored (accompanied by a cane or rod that serves as a column), or the tomato that in addition to tutorials is advisable to cut the buds that appear.

The aromatic plants are perennial and are grown all year round although in winter they do not become and they can even weaken their leaves. With the spring they develop again actively and, apart, they help to prevent pests.

A common mistake is not to place the plants in sectors or pots with good drainage. The roots are damaged if the water stagnates. Before putting the soil in the pan, you have to place someone or some similar stone that helps the drainage.

The garden in gardens

The garden can be made in gardens, on the ground directly, delimited by bricks, wooden planks or in beds and wooden boxes. If it is located in height offers different benefits: it is more comfortable work, is neater and more aesthetic. Also, it makes access to domestic animals more difficult, and its organic maintenance is more straightforward.

The Garden On The Balcony