How To Produce The Seeds Themselves

To create the seeds themselves, it is essential to select the best plants. Tomatoes and peppers, for example, provide the seeds together with the harvest of the fruits and in other cases, the plant is allowed to produce its seeds after flowering, such as lettuce, parsley, leek, celery.

They can also be purchased in any nursery, and organic varieties are recommended. The important thing is to set the expiration date because over time they are losing germinative power.

How to replace fertilizers

Having a composter at home is the best way to fertilize plants organically and make a contribution to the environment by reducing the amount of waste. You can also buy earthworm humus in the nursery.

From the garden to the kitchen! Sow and harvest in your home

Rebus car in the refrigerator of your kitchen can be quite an international experience; it is likely that a significant amount of fruits and vegetables saved come from sister countries such as Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic. This, despite the innumerable benefits of consuming vegetables harvested locally and having access to a home garden.

Experts say that having a kitchen full of fruits and vegetables from the country may be the healthiest alternative for you and your family. Agronomist and agricultural agent of the Agricultural Extension Service, Rudy Santos Garcia, explained that “one of the greatest benefits of having a home garden is the control of the use of pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides. For example, a pest that you can handle without using toxic products can occur and, in this way, make your home garden assimilate to an organic crop. “

When harvesting your own food or buying fruits and vegetables produced on the Island you have the advantage of consuming foods that are at their best ripeness, in which the flavor and preservation of it is more excellent, contrary to the fruits and vegetables that They come from abroad, which due to the time they took to get to your kitchen are probably no longer at their point of maturity. On the other hand, the taste is different and less tasty. Also, consuming what is produced locally is a way to support agriculture and the economy of Puerto Rico.

Having and maintaining a home garden provides additional benefits, according to the agronomist, “it is an alternative to exercise, avoid stress and keep you emotionally healthy. Also, by involving children you will be providing new knowledge and strengthening agriculture in the long term, “explained the agronomist.…