Homegrown Local Food Cooperative is your resource for locally grown organic produce, pastured eggs and meats, raw dairy, honey and a variety of artisanal goods for the home and garden.  

Homegrown goods are available every week through our Signature Online Farmer's Market.  Simply log in, shop and pick-up your local goods at our boutique farm store on Orange Avenue where Ivanhoe and Health Villages connect.

Our local Farmer's list what's growing each week and you get to pick what farm fresh goodies you want and, they are harvested just for you!

Our local Artisans cook and prepare to order what you have requested.

Quality and transparency are important at Homegrown, and you can shop with ease, knowing that we are looking out for the best tasting, healthiest, most nutritionally packed, unadulterated, local food available.  At Homegrown our goal is to source the best quality food grown as close to home as possible.

Our produce is grown without pesticides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers and never from GMO seeds!  Our animal products come from animals who are treated humanely and do not receive routine hormones or antibiotics.  Our artisanal  food products are made without preservatives or artificial ingredients.  Our artisanal home products are made without parabens or sulfates.  Our garden products come from our local organic farmers.  

Each product listed at our Online Farmer's Market is identified by the farm, kitchen or craftsman who is creating the unique offering.  To learn more about our Producers, visit the Producers section.


Online Farmer's Market Hours:
Tuesday at 9am through Friday at 9am

Boutique Farm Store Hours:
Saturday and Sunday from noon until 4:00pm and Monday from 2:00pm until 7:00pm


We accept cash, check, ebt and all major credit cards. 

Cultivating Awareness through Meditation and Breathing

  • Homegrown Co-op 2310 N Orange Ave Orlando, FL, 32804 United States

Do you often feel caught in the mind trap of overthinking? Are you tired of never feeling fully present in the moment? If so, join us for our weekly class, Cultivating Awareness through Meditation and Breathing on Thursdays from 7-8PM. Jessica Smith, owner of Revitalize, happy + healthy guidance, will teach us how to cultivate a more calm and vibrant daily life through the practices of breath work and meditation.

No experience necessary except for a desire to create peace in your life. Seating will be available, but feel free to bring a yoga mat or a pillow if you would prefer to sit on the floor. Love donations accepted, with all proceeds donated to the co-op.

For more info: Jessica@HappyHealthyGuidance.com / www.facebook.com/happyhealthyguidance.com