Homegrown Co-op offers a convenient and efficient grocery shopping experience through our Online Farmer’s Market. The vast majority of our market’s 300+ offerings are organic and locally produced within 100 miles of Orlando. We also work with a growing network of independent kitchens who produce ready to eat foods for you to order without the use of chemical preservatives.

By pre-ordering your food directly from our produce network online we can guarantee delivery of your locally sourced fruits, veggies and prepared foods within 24-48 hours of their harvest and preparation. You can even find artisan craftsman products shopping online. Each product available through our Online Market is identified by the producer who grew or created it. 

Order à la cart:
We offer a-la-cart ordering from a network of family farms, local kitchens and artisan craftspeople. Order exactly what you want in the quantities you desire. We don’t require minimum orders, and we don’t require you to order every week, just shop with us at your convenience and pick exactly what you want.

Pickup or Home Delivery:
Home delivery provides a convenient service to many Central Florida neighborhoods for an additional fee, paid to the drivers for their time and expense. When creating your account, you set a preference for Home Delivery or Pickup at our Downtown Orlando facility. At any time you can override this preference online when confirming an order in the view shopping basket page.

Each product listed at our Online Market is identified by the farm, kitchen or craftsman who created the unique offering. You can learn more about each producer by visiting the Our Growers section of this website.


Online Market Hours:
Tuesday at 9am through Friday at 9am

Storefront Hours:
Saturday and Sunday from noon until 4:00pm


We accept cash, check, ebt and all major credit cards. 

Fresh Starts Cooking Camp

Join Chef Amy at Fresh Starts Cooking Camp to learn how to prepare real food.  Throw out your microwaves because you aren’t going to need to rely on frozen mystery boxes anymore. You are going to learn how to cook.  Our focus is fresh, healthy, seasonal and organic food.  During the 6 sessions we will learn to identify real food and how to simply prepare it.  A recipe and resource packet is included.  Fresh Starts Cooking Camp will guide you to become a seasoned home chef who is ready to prepare what's growing locally in their neighborhood and backyard. Click here to learn more about Amy.

Session 1: Go Green. Chef Amy will kick start the series with teaching how to select quality ingredients. We will talk about the benefits of eating organically and the realities of how most of our food is produced. We will prepare some seasonal dishes with local greens. Dishes may include bok choi, kale, collard greens, sorrel, spinach and Swiss chard.

Session 2: The Great Whole Grain. Chef Amy will explain the whole grain.  Learn why choosing whole grains over refined grains are a more healthful choice.  A show and tell of a variety of whole grains including oats, quinoa, rice, amaranth and millet will help you see how many delicious options there are out there.  See how to prepare whole grain dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Session 3: Somewhere Over the Rainbow of Vegetables. Chef Amy will explain how to prepare seasonal vegetables.  We will weigh the pros and cons between choosing local, organic and seasonal options.  We will practice cutting techniques and experiment with different cooking techniques. You will learn how to incorporate your 8 daily servings every meal and snack of the day.

Session 4: The Perfect Plant Protein. Chef Amy will demonstrate how to cook dried legumes.  She will discuss the benefits of consuming legumes as a staple source of protein. Together, we will create dips, salads and soups from our nutritious little seeds.

Session 5: Sea Vegetables Aren't Just for Mermaids. Chef Amy will identify a variety of sea vegetables and discuss the powerful health benefits of incorporating them in your regular diet. We will create slaws, soups and snacks from these trace mineral rich treats from the sea.

Session 6: Soups On! Vegetable soup is a staple all year round. It is an easy meal, side dish or snack that you can make ahead of time and enjoy anytime of the day.  Homemade soups are easy to put together once you have the basics down.  In our last class of the series we will create a nutritious stock with seasonal vegetables to use as a base for our soup du jour.

Location:  Homegrown Local Food Cooperative - 2310 N. Orange Avenue

Time:   Monday’s 7-9pm: 11/3, 11/10, 11/17, 12/1, 12/8 and 12/15

Tuition:  $100 for entire camp

Email Chef Amy (amyrupert@mac.com) to register or learn more.